Sustainable Operation and Maintenance Startegy

Funding mechanisms for the on-going operation and maintenance of improvements constructed will be put in place well in advance of construction in order to ensure the appropriate running and up-keep of the facilities, hardscape, and landscaping. We anticipate that this will be a complex, multi-valent program relying upon an overall foundation based on an invested principal whose interest earned will be dedicated to this purpose. There is also the potential for various Business and Community Improvement Districts to be set up to service the W.O.W. improvements although the political advisability of such an approach remains to be seen. The focus will be on organizing long term, self-growth, funding mechanisms that put no new burdens on City resources and instead turn to the private and community sectors to maintain appropriate support. It is likely that a West Oakland Walk Project Operations Board will be created to provide direction and oversight of the operations and maintenance programs for the project.