Fiscal Sponsor: "Social Good Fund"

501(c)(3) Social Good Fund: Organization, Mission & Operation:

  • (EIN: 46-1323531) Michael Pace: (510) 621-7223,
  • 12651 San Pablo Ave, #5473, Richmond, CA 94805
  • 1625 Clay St., Suite 600, Oakland, CA 94611

In April of 2016, the “Social Good Fund” entered into an agreement with The West Oakland Walk project to serve as the project’s 501(c)(3) Fiscal Sponsor. The Social Good Fund was started by its CEO and President, Michael Pace, several years ago to meet the demand for helping small community projects get off the ground. It is headquartered in Richmond, CA. with offices in Oakland and serves projects all over the country (see attached sheets). Uniquely it has no threshold levels of fund commitments required nor application fee to enter into a partnership with it (unlike larger, well known Bay Area organizations such as the San Francisco Foundation or the Tides Foundation which require minimum confirmed funding commitments of $100,000). Bouapha Toomaly (Treasurer) and Meso Tadeo (Secretary), both veterans of the non-profit services community, also serve on the Social Good Fund board of directors.

The broad mission of the Social Good Fund is to promote and cultivate positive influences for individuals, communities, and the environment. Social Good is set up to facilitate the fast and easy launch of community based projects with no minimum budgets and low administration fees (Normally 6.5% and sliding down as the funds raised increases. Higher admin. fee percentages will apply to Government Grants requiring more paperwork management. Competing Foundations usually start with 10% management fees). The Social Good Fund is a good match for the West Oakland Walk Project which allows us to leverage our shoestring budget into an immediate campaign for applications for grants under the auspices of the Fund’s 501(c)(3) tax status.

All donations to the Design Phases and Capital Improvements Fund for the West Oakland Walk Project will be made to the Social Good Fund (noting dedication to the W.O.W. account) and Social Good will administer funds to the project pursuant to documented requests from the project team related to implementation of work scope items. Within the first six months an initial Financial Report shall be submitted to Social Good by the West Oakland Walk Project accounting for all expenditures during that period accompanied by receipts substantiating expenditures. Every six months following Financial Reports generated by the project team shall be presented to and reviewed by Social Good and the Project Advisory Committee along with Project Progress Reports for work accomplished. A financial statement of Activity for Social Good, Jan-Dec. 2015, and their W-9 are attached. Audits for the West Oakland Walk project will be performed annually.

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MICHAEL PACE is the Executive Director and Founder of Social Good Fund. He has over 15 years experience working with non-profits and managing businesses. Michael has helped build organizations in their start-up phase and has worked on environmental justice, youth development, municipal programming, and urban health issues. Michael currently serves on the Board of Directors at Niroga Institute, an established nonprofit working with at-risk youth in the San Francisco East Bay Area. He has also served on the Board of Directors of Your Special Child Development Center, an organization addressing the needs of children with autism. Michael graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in Philosophy and is currently pursuing an MA in Information Science from San Jose State University.