Funding & Budgets

Source of Funds: Funds to support the West Oakland Walk Project are intended to be raised through private sources and applications for grants. It is not anticipated that funding will be available from the City of Oakland.

Fundraising Program: Development of a multi-valent fundraising program including:

  • On-going Grant Writer retained on a consulting basis to generate grant applications to private and public foundations to fund design development and capital improvements.
  • Outreach to local business & property owners for funding contributions.
  • Easy on-line donation process for website users and Potential “kick-starter” funding campaign.

Start-up contributions (Concept Phase): The initial start-up funding has effectively already been contributed by Banta and Hooks whose professional services in the form of salaries for staff and overhead costs during production of research, illustrative documentation and principal community outreach efforts represent the equivalent of over $350,000 (three hundred fifty thousand dollars) and has resulted in the completion of the Concept Phase. These funds are being treated as a contribution by Banta and Hooks for which they will not be seeking reimbursement. In a continuing spirit of contribution to the project, Banta and Hooks propose to provide their forthcoming principal and staff services to the W.O.W. Schematic and subsequent Design Phases at a 33% discount from their standard professional hourly rates (see Stage 1 detail of proposed Schematic Design Budget, page 15, hourly rate reductions at top of columns).

Founder’s Circle (Schematic Phase): The next round of funding to support completion of a Schematic Phase is expected to come from the Founder’s Circle, largely private developers active in Oakland paired with supportive Local Community Groups. Individual minimum contributions of $5,000 will qualify donors to be part of the Founders Circle. Once a minimum of $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars) has been pledged, donations will be called in so that community outreach and design efforts for the project, its website, and grant writing can get under way. Recognition for contributions will be a prominent part of the project website:

Bay Area and Regional Grants (Schematic Phase): The remainder of funds to support the Schematic Phase are expected to come from additional private donations from individuals and organizations as well as from Grants applied for as early as possible during the Schematic Phase. Candidate Foundations whose missions align with the goals of the West Oakland Walk include:

  • The San Francisco Foundation
  • The East Bay Community Foundation
  • AC Transit
  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation 5. Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • The California Endowment
  • The Rogers Family Foundation
  • The California Community Foundation 
  • The Energy Foundation
  • The Tides Foundation
  • Lucille Packard Foundation for children's Health
  • California HealthCare Foundation
  • The Trust for Public Land
  • The Zellerback Family Foundation

Project Budgets and Phases: Budgets for the proposed improvements will be generated from Design Documentation produced during the Schematic, Design Development, and Construction Documentation Phases. Budgets for those Design Phases will take shape sequentially upon completion of the preceding Phase. At this time a budget for the Schematic Design scope of work has been formulated based on the completed 1) Concept Design (see 4.02 Funding Strategies item 2. above). The Schematic Design Phase is divided into 3 consecutive stages, each of which is anticipated to require its own fund-raising.

Schematic Design Phase Budget


Stages 1, 2 and 3:
A summary of all Stages for Schematic Design Phase Budget is included on the following sheet along with a closer look at the Scope of Work for Schematic Phase Stage 1. Budget work scope items cover Community Outreach, Programming, Production of Circuit Program Maps, Production of W.O.W. Existing Conditions Maps, Production of Preliminary Proposed Improvements Maps for Signage, Lighting, Street Landscaping, Street Hardscaping, Preliminary Infrastructure Improvements, Park Landscaping, Park Facilities (structures), coordination and work product for all consultants including Landscape, Civil, Lighting, Signage, Cost Estimator, and City Liason Team, Website Design consultant, Grant-writer consultant and Fund-raising consultant. Anticipated reimbursables are also included in the Budget Amount.

Preliminary and Final Budgets for subsequent Design Phases will be generated as each phase develops:

  • Design Development Phase
  • Construction Documentation Phase
  • Bidding and Contract Negotiation Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Operations and Maintenance Program and Funding Phase