Our Team is looking for your participation:

Current Status

The West Oakland Walk is in its beginning stages, gathering community input, increasing its definition, and launching a fundraising campaign to complete its design and project cost estimation phases. Upon the completion of these stages the West Oakland Walk project will undertake coordinated applications for local, regional and Federal grants from private Foundations and public Agencies to finance the implementation of the various proposed and City approved design elements.

We are seeking the following types of  support:

  • Donations to help fund ongoing design and development expenses.

    • Please see DONATION page on this website.
  • Community input to keep refining our goals for improvements and to comprehensively reflect the diversity of citizens and stakeholders in the Oakland Urban community.

    • Photographs and Histories of your Neighborhood
    • The concerns and goals of Organized Community Groups.
    • Ideas for design improvements that will enhance W.O.W.
  • Volunteer participation in the many design and outreach activities we are undertaking which include:

    • Design and Drafting assistance
    • Website Design assistance, especially for interactive features.
    • Community Outreach event preparation assistance
    • Drone operation and filmmaking
    • You-Tube video production