Team Structure

Project Principals:  Philp Banta and Norman Hooks

Project Fiscal Sponsor: “Social Good”, a certified 501 3C Fund, Michael Pace, Director

Project Co-sponsor: City of Oakland, Planning Dept.

Project Advisory Board:  John Protopappas, __________, ____________, ____________

Project Design Team (assembled in consultation with the City of Oakland and the W.O.W. technical advisory board):

  • Lead: BantaDESIGN (Philip Banta and Norman Hooks)
  • City project Liaison Group (Planning Dept./ Dept. of Public Works / Parks and Rec.)
  • Landscape Architects
  • Civil Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Urban Design Consultant
  • Lighting Design Consultant
  • Signage Consultant
  • Transportation Consultant
  • Sustainability Design Consultant (for conformance with LEED criteria)
  • Cost Estimating Consultant

Supporting Team members

Website Consultant: In addition to direct design activities the W.O.W. project intends to design, launch and support an integrated website per the criteria described in item 13, section 2 of this document.  Selection of a website designer will be the result of an RFQ/RFP process.

Grant Writing Consultant:  From its initial design stages forward the participation of an experienced Grant Writer will be instrumental in matching our design efforts to appropriate funding opportunities.  Selection will be based on an RFQ/RFP process focused on success with similar projects. Appropriate grants will be applied for at the earliest possible opportunity based on the provision of completed designs and support material.

Fundraising Consultant: Because all financial support for this project will initially be raised through private sources (individuals and organizations) we will be seeking guidance to optimize our fundraising efforts including outreach strategies, events, and follow-through. Consultants for this purpose will similarly be selected based on responses to RFQ/RFP solicitations.