Design Strategies

In order to determine Schematic Design, Design Development and Final Construction Documentation of the proposed improvements for the W.O.W. (upon which cost estimates can be made and funding campaigns conducted) Community group, Neighborhood residents, and City agency input must first be gathered in a thorough and properly noticed public procedure of meetings and hearings that clearly present options and take into account alternative solutions for potential improvements along the walk conforming to Governmental regulations. The Concept Design undertook a preliminary community outreach process while the Schematic Phase will involve a more intense version to allow the project to define itself precisely in response to Community agendas and City policies. Outreach to the Community will be matched by coordination with City agencies: Parks & Rec., Dept. of Public Works, Police, Dept. of Transportation, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program, Planning and Building Depts., The Planning Commission, The City Council, Council member for District 3: Lynette McElhaney, The Mayor’s Office, the City Manager, and the Oakland Unified School District. The Community and City input for W.O.W program will be interpreted by the W.O.W. Design Team in coordination with the City of Oakland project Liaison group.

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City Approvals

Any and all proposed improvements will need to receive approvals from the Planning Commission in a series of public hearings for applications submitted by the W.O.W. Design Team.
The strategy for design of the W.O.W. is to work closely and collaboratively with all the above noted stakeholders and professional design and engineering team consultants to create a consensus set of proposed improvements that enjoy the documented support of the neighborhoods they will be serving. This will be accomplished step by step, with thorough cost-estimating and City approvals generated across the timeframe of all the Design Phases.

Schedule of Production

The Schematic Design Phase for W.O.W. is divided into three stages totaling 18 months from start to finish (whose continuity depends on the success of fundraising campaigns to support them). So within a 1-1/2 to 2 year period we anticipate producing a well-defined set of proposed improvements preparing us to apply for the next round of grants and funding that will support the Design Development Phase, lasting perhaps six months to 1 year. Upon completion of this Phase we will have sufficient cost data and approvals to seek funding for preparation of the Construction Documents Phase and to begin a fund raising campaign for the capital improvements.

W.O.W. fundraising Package 05.04.jpg