3 major goals

  1. To develop a partnership with the City of Oakland (Mayor’s office, City Council, Planning Commission, Planning Dept., Parks and Rec., Dept. of Public Works, Dept. of Transportation) and Community residents to design, fund and construct a phased series of street and open space improvements that link together the Parks, Places and People of West and Central Oakland into an identifiable pedestrian / bicycle / transit circuit.

  2. To use this circuit to strengthen the cultural, economic, health and civic potential of the whole City.

  3. T o map the circuit as a home base for a coordinated group of resources focused specifically on generating opportunities for the next generation.

Proposed Improvements for the West Oakland Walk

The project team envisions achieving these goals by first working with Community groups and the City to define iterative sets of improvements that may include:

  • Street Repairs: Identifying needed street & infrastructure repairs (based on Public Works inventory).

  • Street Banners: Design a flexible light pole banner system to run the entire length of the W.O.W.

  • Street Lighting: Propose a re-bulbing program to illuminate the W.O.W. with its own color of street lights at night.

  • Signage Program: Develop a signage program to celebrate notable People & Places along  W.O.W.
  • Street Furniture: Design a uniform bus stop and seating system to enhance the transit system and the pedestrian experiences
  • Street Landscaping: Development of a Tree, Shrub and Ground Cover program specific to W.O.W
  • Landscaping Improvements:  Development of coordinated Park landscape improvements.
  • Bridges: Special focus on the existing street bridges over 980 at 14th and 18th Streets to enhance a more pedestrian friendly experience
  • Bicycling: Implement enhanced bicycle routes, storage lockers, bike-share and bike rental opportunities along W.O.W.

  • Public Transit: Implementation of an AC Transit shuttle bus service exclusive to the W.O.W. East-West cross town route.

  • Circuits: Development of Program Specific Circuits composed of new and existing public and private programs connected to existing facilities or attached to proposed new facilities along the W.O.W. that would create a Pathway of easily located services and resources

    • Health Circuit: Physical and mental health resources and outreach

    • Culture Circuit: Art display and Performance venues  

    • Garden Circuit: A variety of gardens that are in sequential bloom throughout the year

    • Food Circuit: Existing restaurants, picnic locations, Farmer’s Markets and produce outlets from gardens

    • Athletic Circuit: Personal athletics and team sports resources and events

    • Children’s Circuit: Coordination of existing with proposed children’s playgrounds and services

    • Education Circuit: Coordination of school, library, and continuing education resources

    • Community Event Circuit: Parades, Races, Fairs, Political Actions, and Festivals.

    • Neighborhood Support Circuit: Employment & Housing Opportunities, Job Fairs, Housing clinics for Renters and Owners, Legal resources, Neighborhood Security and Maintenance.

    • Next Generation Circuit: Academic support, College Placement, Internships, Job and Scholastic Mentoring.

New Public Facilities: Identify opportunities for the design of new structures on Park properties that further define the W.O.W. and contribute to Neighborhood resources:

  • Performance Spaces (outdoor and indoor for theatre and music groups)

  • Art Galleries (sculpture and plastic arts display)

  • Homework Club and Mentoring Offices

  • Job Opportunity meeting facilities to bring together job-seekers & employment opportunities.

  • Neighborhood Gathering Places (outdoor and indoor social magnets)

  • Community Workshop Spaces for Health Clinics, Legal and Housing Services

  • Gardens: Flower, Vegetable, Native & Low Water Species, Ornamental, Spice & Herb

  • Gardening Support Facilities: Sheds and Greenhouses and Display Spaces

  • Fitness Trail Stations, Sports Courts; Pick-up and Organized Sports Improvements

www.westoaklandwalk.org: Design, development, launch and maintenance of an interactive website for the West Oakland Walk that fulfills the following requirements:

  • Clearly explains the goals and proposed elements of  W.O.W.

  • Clearly explains the past, current and future roles of the community in designing W.O.W.

  • Clearly explains the organization of the W.O.W. team, its agenda, its proposed schedule.

  • Allows for user contributions of photographs and text (stories) to a Library Page.

  • Provides a simple way for users to make donations to the design and physical improvements fund.

  • Provides a simple means for users to offer pro-bono professional services to W.O.W.

  • Recognizes Donors and Supporters of W.O.W.

  • History Page detailing historical events and people across the neighborhoods.

  • Video boxes providing a video tour of the W.O.W. and its proposed improvements

  • Photo box with gallery of images related to W.O.W.

  • Calendar of public events, meetings & milestones along W.O.W. connected to location finders on Maps

  • Point & click Maps with information on events, history, and plans for specific points along W.O.W.

  • Search engine for W.O.W. location points related to user input (e.g. social services, restaurants, sports).

  • Parks, Places, People and other Design Maps describing the W.O.W., each designed with point and click  information windows by user.

W.O.W. Mobile Phone App that provides current calendar info, Historical bio’s, Historical data, and W.O.W. related planning info based on a user’s physical location at any point along the W.O.W.